Thursday, October 28, 2010

Code word dirtbag

Uhm, so yes; new resolution: actually update this blog.

But it's so hard when I already have an online way of reaching out to a pre-established audience over Facebook. D:

But since Facebook is a closed platform and not really friendly for the indexing and searching of information, I feel kind of bad that I pump so much of my time on to it. On the other hand, it's a hell of a lot more interactive than a blog... And more social too.

Which is really the problem, isn't it? What do we hope to gain from our time spent online? Creation of a digital footprint? Socializing? Getting teh knowledge which fuels P[]\/\/312?? (I have no idea why I suddenly reverted to L33T.) And Facebook kinda provides a platform for us to do all the above. (As well as many, many more things such as poking that girl you're kinda in to but digitally so it's socially acceptable but doesn't that conjure a nice mental image anyway?) It may not do it in the best way but it does it well enough that we don't really mind.

And then there's the fact that we can control who sees our content. Facebook, unlike a blog, rockets you straight from the "trying to get established and find an audience" to the heady heights of "whoa. Got quite a few people who'll interact and respond reading my stuff now... time to start thinking about controlling who can see it!!" But then none of what you put up there is really searchable to the rest of the world which isn't your friend. (Especially if a creepy stalker's forced you into defcon 5 on your privacy settings...) Which gets problematic when you're planning to make a career in writing and all your stuff is locked away behind the Facebook firewall.

What was all this in aim of? Well, mostly because I like to ramble and partly because I needed to justify why I'm going back to a good ol' fashioned blog.

Oh my god. I just called blogging old fashioned. New media has officially moved on.

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