Thursday, October 15, 2009

Packing it in

I'll be leaving the country somewhere in early December to travel around a bit with the family before the exchange.

Anyway, here's my to-do list for before I leave:

  • sort out wardrobe (Singapore is tropical. I'll be spending a week or two in Japan and then heading to Arizona and California. Pack will be a bitch.)
  • sort out classes. (I lost the list I wrote down of classes I wanted to take. And I need to make sure I'm doing stuff my school will let me map back or I'll have to take a special semester to make up class requirements. Which will cost more money. Argh. I really want to learn Spanish.)
  • confirm conventions I want to attend. (I've found two; a Sci-fi one and an Anime one. No good comic cons in the early part of the year in California though :( And no good gaming ones either. There's the GDC but that's for professionals and I'm not interested enough to cough up a couple hundred dollar for conference tickets.)
  • Find a bunch of Sc-fi and Anime/Manga nerds at UCLA. (Hey, going to cons on your own is boring. Our geeky-cons may not be huge in Singapore but I've learned that much at least.)
  • Find out is best friend is really going to travel from Texas to L.A. (yeah. 'nuff said. It's too bloody far to do it as a road trip so the question is whether her parents will spring for a ticket. Also if I'll be able to find some way to smuggle her into whatever accommodations I manage to get. All this affects whether I'll stay in L.A. an extra week after my term ends to accompany her to a Supernatural con. -_-|||)
  • Find some kind of political thing to do. (I have no idea what this will entail but it feels like I should poke at it.)
  • Get a social security number. (Uh... yeah. Because I'll probably only have my American citizenship by next year and it'll be weird not to have one.)
  • Find someone to take care of the hamster. (I could ask the grandparents but my grandmother has been caught looking very strangely at the hamster a couple of times. I am afraid.)
So that's it. I might add to this list as I go along but that's my pre-departure panic-list. At least Idon't have to mess around with all the visa stuff though. I hear it's a pain in the butt.

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