Friday, October 9, 2009

Clothes make the woman

Oh look, a video!

On one hand, it doesn't make sense to me that a country will allow women to run around in what is little more than their underwear and won't allow them to walk around in a head-to-toe sack. (I know the burqa isn't really a sack but you get what I mean.)

On the other hand, how the heck would photo ID be used for a woman in a burqa? And if it could be worn out in public, I imagine it would have massive potential use for terrorists trying to smuggle bombs into anything. And unlike a backpack you could order opened and searched, a woman in a burqa would need to be searched by another woman in a private area. And all because it can hide behind the label of "religious". Clearly security issues...

My inner feminist asks, why the hell does clothing for women always have to be so constraining? The Western asthetic calls for debilitating heels. And it seems some forms of Islam call for an enveloping blanket thing which looks like it's get caught in every door you try to walk through. I notice none of the women interviewed about wearing burqas never rave about how it's not restrictive or troublesome.

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